AVN Awards

AVN 2023

This year is the first year attending AVN and it's been very exciting. I managed to attend the awards, the red carpet, and even made it onto Getty Images! I wanted to attend the convention, but $450 for a weekend pass seemed unreasonable considering it's mostly for the fans. The Resorts World venue was very nice, but the organization of everything was a messy. In previous years AVN was at the Hard Rock and Virgin hotels. This was the first year at Resorts World and it showed. I stopped by the convention to pick up my complementary industry ticket to the red carpet and awards show, but they wouldn't let me in. The organizers sent me back and forth to different lines, tables, and entrances for 40min till finally a manager escorted me through security to the model lounge so I could collect my tickets. On the plus side, I did cruise through the rest of the convention on the way out, reaffirming my decision to 'not' pay for tickets. All that said, other models that attended the convention seemed to have a good time, getting invited to and attending parties; while I felt a bit left out in the cold. Next year I'll have to make more solid connections and plans to shoot with people around the convention. Hopefully this will help get me invited, or at least made aware of, the parties and such going on.